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πŸ“œ Cmder

This is my dune. Kill them All.


When local after install git, you can use git default provide bash or OS System own terminal.

But, in windows environment, I think Cmder is a better choice.


If git is installed, you can download Mini version, unzip and use it.

Cmder download link

Use Powerline style​

If wish Cmder use Powerline style to beauty.

Step 1: open link, and download cmder-powerline-prompt zip file.

cmder-powerline-prompt download link

Step 2: unzip file, and search all extension .lua file, copy and paste to Cmder/config folder.

Step 3: restart Cmder, and you can see powerline is appear in Cmder.

Powerline Beauty


In the cmder lower right corner, can see a hamburger menu icon. Click and open, can setting parameters.

First, we try change background, prepare a image, and click left side General/Background, check Background image and select image path, now image will replace background.

But, image is not centered, and the resolution is incorrect, so we need click right side Placement dropdown. Select Stretch make the image display normal.


Click left side General/Fonts can change font size, I setting Size 20, and select Bold, Italic.


Click left side General/Tab bar, I uncheck Tabs on button, let tab to the top, as for UI to change x20.